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Fundraising in the Workplace

While extraordinary progress has been made in the fight against histiocytic disorders, the battle is far from over. Fundraising is a critical component in furthering research efforts to discover more effective treatments and ultimately, a cure. How can you and your colleagues get involved?

Workplace Giving Campaigns have a significant impact in raising awareness and funds to fight histiocytic disorders. There are many kinds of Workplace Giving Campaigns – among the most well-known are the United Way Campaign and the Combined Federal Campaign. Within and beyond these campaigns, there are countless ways that individuals and companies can help.

  • If your company has a committee or person who guides charitable efforts, talk with them about the urgent need to fight histio. If not, speak with a top executive of your company. These efforts can get the ball rolling.
  • Distribute Histiocytosis Association brochures to your co-workers. A quick call to +1 856-589-6606 or an email to will have brochures and other information on the way to you.
  • Write about your own experience with histio, and include pictures if possible; arrange with your company to distribute this information to your colleagues.
  • Offer to make a presentation about histio and the work of the Association. The Association can provide many of the materials you will need and can work with you in creating your presentation.
  • Ask a company human resources representative to include information about histio and the Association in any Workplace Giving materials at your company.
  • Create office-wide excitement for your fundraising efforts by posting a Goal-O-Meter or holding a pledge contest between your colleagues.

For more information on Workplace Giving, download Charity Navigator’s Guide to Workplace Giving and Six Tips for Workplace Giving.


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