Circle of Friends

The histiocytic disorders are formidable enemies, and the diagnosis of these rare diseases can be bewildering, frightening and isolating. The need to connect with other patients and families who share the fight is immeasurable.

In 2010, the Histiocytosis Association established “Circle of Friends” to encourage the creation of local support networks for patients and families within the broader histiocytic community. Circle of Friends groups meet regularly to provide one another with emotional support and offer practical coping skills and strategies. By sharing knowledge and experiences, patients and families can find strength, understanding and comfort. Circle of Friends meetings are hosted by Association volunteers who receive guidance and training from the Histiocytosis Association. These member-run, self-help groups are now operating in cities and towns across the United States.

Seattle, WA Area Circle of Friends
Host: Zachary Altenau
Last Meeting: June 21, 2014
Next Meeting:  TBD

Waipahu, HI Area Circle of Friends
Host: Holly Ann Cruz
Last Meeting: March 15, 2014
Next Meeting: TBD

Williamsburg, MI Area Circle of Friends

Host: Jennifer Ray
Last Meeting: April 26,2014
Next Meeting: TBD

Springfield, MO Area Circle of Friends

Host: Dave Harbison
Last Meeting: November 9, 2013
Next Meeting: TBD

Bronx, NY Area Circle of Friends
Host: Josephine Murray
Last Meeting: October 6, 2013
Next Meeting: TBD

Charlotte/Concord, NC Area Circle of Friends
Host: Theresa Rosa Corey
Last Meeting: April 12,2014
Next Meeting: TBD

Frisco, TX Area Circle of Friends
Host: Mandi Rowley
Last Meeting: May 3, 2014
Next Meeting: September 20, 2014

If you don't see a Circle of Friends near you, consider starting one in your area! Visit the Become a Volunteer page for more details.

See where meetings took place in 2011 and 2012.

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