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Online discussion groups provide a valuable forum for the members of the Histiocytosis Association to share practical information and provide emotional support to one another. Members of the Online Histio Community are encouraged to connect with other patients and families through this helpful, interactive resource.


Discussion Guidelines

  • Please refrain from giving advice – medical or otherwise.
  • Do not post your personal contact information, and refrain from posting contact information for other participants, professionals or physicians.
  • The information obtained from discussion groups is not intended to replace medical counsel. Treatment protocols, procedures, medications, symptoms, and other medical questions should be discussed with your personal physician.
  • Using online discussion groups to advertise or promote services, events, or products for financial gain is prohibited.
  • The Histiocytosis Association will not be liable for any personal injury or death arising out of or in any way connected to participation in these online discussion groups.


  • You must be a member of the Histiocytosis Association to join an online discussion. If you are not already a member, or you need to login, create your Online Member Account today.


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