Awards and Acknowledgements

Foundation Makes Generous Donation

In June 2012, the Ruth Church McKay Foundation made the largest single donation in the history of the Histiocytosis Association. A grant in the amount of $230,000 was given to pay-off the remaining debt on the Association’s mortgage. This gift will help to ensure that the Association can continue to work towards its mission to raise awareness about histiocytic disorders, provide educational and emotional support, and fund research leading to better treatments and a cure, in the years to come.

The Ruth Church McKay Foundation has been supporting the Histiocytosis Association since 1999. Their mission and grants have been to underwrite the “costs of doing business”, the infrastructure expenses that even nonprofit organizations incur. This type of funding allows the Association to direct more of its other income to education and research.

Thanks on behalf of the entire Histio Community are extended to the Foundation for their unwavering support and dedication to the Association’s vital work.

Histio Office

Based in Pitman, New Jersey, the Association’s headquarters and staff reside in an early 1900s house.
Private, restricted grants have provided funding for more than 90% of the building cost.



Boedecker Foundation Continues Generous Support

March 2012 - The Histiocytosis Association has received a generous grant from the Boedecker Foundation, a private foundation that strives to inspire, impact and improve the world in which we live by providing non-profit organizations with resources to create positive change. This is the sixth year that the Association has received a restricted grant from the Boedecker Foundation; funds will go towards sustaining and enhancing the online community that many Histio Warriors turn to for knowledge, emotional support and the latest research on histiocytic disorders. The Association is genuinely grateful for this continued partnership with the Boedecker Foundation and looks forward to adding resources to the online community.


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Online Printing Company Supports Rare Disease Day has donated 5000 Rare Disease Day awareness cards for the February 28, 2013 campaign. Their generous gift will help the rare disease community raise much-needed awareness.


Generous Donation in Pursuit of a Cure

The Histiocytosis Association is grateful to have recently received a donation of $75,000 from an anonymous contributor.  Though the donor wishes to remain silent, we would like to openly express our sincere appreciation for the generous gift made in support of our mission and the histio community. Thank you!

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