Hybrid ImmunoTherapy (ATG/Dexamethasone/Etoposide) for HLH: The HIT-HLH trial

Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) is a disorder of abnormal and severely damaging immune activation. HLH has been treated with two different approaches, with similar outcomes. A group of physicians in North America is conducting a research study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a treatment regimen combining elements of the two previous approaches. The HIT-HLH trial is testing the idea that a treatment regimen combining aspects of both approaches may result in better outcomes.

What is involved?

The treatment regimen incorporates three medications (ATG, Dexamethasone, and Etoposide) which will be given over 8 weeks to control the overactive immune system seen in patients with HLH.  Subsequent treatment will be similar to current standard therapies.

Who can participate?

Children and adolescents, birth to 18 years old, diagnosed with HLH, having active disease and not having extensive prior HLH treatment may be able to participate. Importantly, only patients with newly diagnosed HLH, who have had little or no prior treatment, are eligible to participate in this trial.

How could my child participate?

In order to participate, patients must be treated at a participating center. The trial is currently open at:

  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (the originating and coordinating center)
  • Texas Children’s Hospital
  • The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Tulane Children’s Hospital 
  • All Saints Hospital (St. Petersburg)

We anticipate that it will soon open at Boston Children’s Hospital, Sick Kids Hospital (Toronto), UCSF Children’s Hospital.

Principal Investigator

Michael Jordan, MD

For More Information

Contact Angie Poston at angela.poston@cchmc.org or 513-636-8815 or Sharon Mitchell at Sharon.Mitchell@cchmc.org or 513-636-4174.

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