Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee

To assure that our contributions and those of our donors, both conceptual and financial, continue to have maximum impact, particularly in view of the rapidly advancing knowledge in this field, the Board of the Histiocytosis Association has established a Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee (MSAC). This new committee is intended to further advance our efforts to most rapidly and effectively obtain and translate new knowledge in these diseases to benefit the outcome of children and adults (and their families) with these difficult diseases. The MSAC will provide guidance to the Association at several levels--assuring that grant funding decisions are wise, particularly in the face of rapidly progressing knowledge in the field, and that the broad and strategic directions of the Association remain cutting edge. The MSAC is composed of nationally and internationally prominent investigators, ranging in interest and expertise from basic scientific to translational to clinical studies. We are looking forward to the MSAC adding important insights to future planning of the Histiocytosis Association and to providing guidance in maximizing the research contributions of the Association and our donors to the conquering of these diseases. You can read the full announcement regarding MSAC here.



Stephan Ladisch, MD
Program Director
Child Health Research Center
Children’s National Medical Center


Committee Members

Barrett Rollins   Johannes Visser
Barrett J. Rollins, MD, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Linde Family Professor of Medicine,
Harvard Medical School
  Johannes Visser, MD
Consultant Paediatric Oncologist
University Hospitals of Leicester,
Leicester Children's Hospital
Thomas Gross   Sheila Weitzman
Thomas Gross, MD
Deputy Director of Science
National Institutes of Health
  Sheila Weitzman, MD
Senior Staff Oncologist 
The Hospital for Sick Children
 Oussama Abla    Jan-Inge Henter
Oussama Abla, MD
Staff Haematologist/Oncologist
University of Toronto

  Jan-Inge Henter, MD
Childhood Cancer Research Unit Q6:05
Karolinska University Hospital

 Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo    Kimo Stine
Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD
Executive Vice President
Chair, Department of Global Pediatric Medicine
Director, International Outreach Program
St Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  Kimo Stine, MD
Department of Pediatrics
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences/
College of Medicine

 Milen Minkov   Eli Diamond 
Milen Minkov, MD
CCRI, St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung

  Eli L. Diamond, MD
Department of Neurology
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Miriam Merad   Robert Vassallo 
Meriam Merad, MD, PhD
Mt Sinai Hospital

  Robert Vassallo, MD
 Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Pulmonary and
Critical Care Medicine
Departments of Medicine, Physiology and
Biomedical Engineering
Mayo Clinic


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