30 Ways To Raise Awareness

We've been fighting Histiocytosis for 30 years...here's 30 ways YOU can help fight...

Download the complete list in this passport style quick reference list!

  1. Spread the word!! Add our blue ribbon to your social media profile!
  2. Have a Blue Party & share your pics with us! Check out our pic from last year!
  3. Send Dear Friends brochures…order here  
  4. Set up your own Boost Blue Event for the Histiocytosis Association
  5. Glow blue! – Shine your blue porch light for the entire month of September
  6. Write a letter to your local media about Histiocytosis Awareness Month and share your story with them
  7. Donate $30 for our 30th anniversary!
  8. Ask your local library for permission to create an awareness display. Then email outreach@histio.org to request materials
  9. Tweet your representatives. They’re all on Twitter!
  10. Request a proclamation from your local officials
  11. Share your Awareness Month photos with us at outreach@histio.org
  12. Order Histio gear…check out new Keep Calm and Fight Histio tee and buttons!
  13. Tell your Doctor about our association and ask him to join our Physician’s Directory
  14. Attend an event!
  15. Start your own workplace giving campaign.
  16. Host a Circle of Friends Meeting
  17. Hang Awareness Posters in your neighborhood and local stores
  18. Host a Fundraiser – big or small!  
  19. Host an office casual blue day. Get approval from your office manager Casual Blue Friday. Promote your day and collect funds from all who are dressed down.
  20. Volunteer for the Association
  21. Check out Histio News Reader which has related news articles published recently in local and national media sources
  22. Share our message or your personal Histio story on social media
  23. Tell your Doctor about the Histiocyte Society
  24. Fun for kids! Do a blue lemonade stand…check out pics of our Blue Raspberry lemonade stand we did last Spring!
  25. Learn about some in school activities for upcoming school year
  26. Connect with our community…join an online discussion group
  27. Leave an awareness pen at Doctor’s Office or school
  28. Learn more about Histiocytic Disorders – watch our educational videos
  29. Host a School Blue Day this Fall for a Warrior at your school
  30. Tell us how you made a difference this Histiocytosis Awareness Month!! Share a photo & your story outreach@histio.org

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