We've gathered all of our Awareness Month printable resources so you can print as many as you need to help you educate others!  Looking for a kit of materials? Download posters below or order an Awareness Kit through our eStore! 



Request your town or city declare September Histiocytosis Awareness Month.


Proclamation Letter Sample


Proclamation Template 



Educate Your Doctors About Histio

Share About Histio With Your Doctors

Reach out to general practitioners and other healthcare providers with information about histiocytosis.

Disease Fact Sheets

Other downloadable resources available:

Printed material, including disease-specific brochures can be obtained by contacting outreach@histio.org or available by ordering an Awareness Kit in the Histio eStore.

Does Your Doctor Know About the Histiocytosis Association?

Help get your doctor connected to our Physician Directory so that other histio patients can get help too! Print out this Physician Directory form and give it to your doctor to fill out and return to us. By simply providing a form, you could have a major impact on helping someone else find better treatment!

Does Your Doctor Know About the Histiocyte Society?

The Histiocyte Society is a professional medical association comprised of more than 200 physicians and scientists from around the world. Members of the organization are considered to be the leaders in understanding and treating histiocytic disorders. The Society is committed to advancing knowledge about histiocytic disorders and improving outcomes for patients through the planning, development, sponsorship, and oversight of clinical research. For over 25 years, the Histiocytosis Association has served as a partner, secretariat and the primary source of funding for the Histiocyte Society. Learn and share more about the Histiocyte Society using this quick fact sheet.

Awareness Posters

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Ribbon poster




Other Ways to Get Involved During Awareness Month

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