2019 Research Grant Proposal Format

Proposals must be submitted in the English language and use standard formatting requirements (11 point Arial font, ½ inch margins).  Documents must be a single PDF no larger than 4,000 KB uploaded via the Histiocytosis Association’s website: www.histio.org/RFRP.

Proposals must include all of the requested information and follow the format listed below; please label each section accordingly and clearly.

A downloadable file of the Proposal Format is also available here.

SECTION A: Principal Investigator Information

  1. First and last name, professional suffixes (M.D., Ph.D., etc.)
  2. Institution/organization
  3. Position/title
  4. Department
  5. Complete mailing address 
  6. Phone number
  7. Fax number
  8. Email address

SECTION B: Project Information and Summary

  1. Title of Project
  2. Amount of funding request (in US Dollars)
  3. Provide a brief statement (approximately 300 words) of the problem formulation and work proposed.

SECTION C: Research Plan Proposal

Provide a clear outline of the proposed project, including methods to be used and objectives, using the section numbers listed below.  Note that sections C1 – C6 must not exceed six (6) pages in length combined.  

  1. Specific Aims
  2. Background
  3. Significance and Relevance
  4. Preliminary Work and Data
  5. Materials, Methods and Analysis
  6. Long-Term Research and Funding Plans 
  7. Timeline for the one (1) year period of funding
  8. Literature References
  9. Collaborative Efforts (if applicable - attach appropriate letter)

SECTION D: Layperson Summary

Using layperson terminology (approximately 350 words), provide the following information: 

  1. An overall summary of the project, 
  2. An explanation of how this project is relevant to histiocytic disorders,
  3. Details on how histiocytosis patients will benefit from the project.


Provide a separate page showing the detailed proposal budget in US dollars including:

  • personnel
  • equipment
  • supplies
  • any other relevant expenses

Note that funding will not be provided for:

  • Overhead costs
  • Travel
  • Principal investigator salaries  

SECTION F: Biographical Sketch

Provide the following information for all key personnel and consultants:

  1. Education showing institution and location, degree, year conferred, and field of study; begin with baccalaureate or other initial education including postdoctoral training.
  2. Relevant employment concluding with present position and listing in chronological order previous employment experiences and honors.
  3. Titles and complete references of all publications during the last three (3) years and any others relevant to this project; do not exceed two pages.

SECTION G: Other Relevant Funding

If applicable, list any other funding sources for this project, either applied for or received, including the following information for each:

  1. Name and location of granting organization/institution
  2. Location/address
  3. Amount of award
  4. Date of award

SECTION H: Research Grants Received

Provide a list of funds applied for or received for all research grants over the past five (5) years, including the following information for each:

  1. Title of project
  2. Name and location of granting organization/institution
  3. Amount of award
  4. Date of award
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