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2017 Histio Hike Shenandoah - Hike Guides Hike Guide Volunteers will be responsible for "leading" a hiking group. One guide will be assigned to each departure group. Hike Guides should be familiar with the trails and be knowledgeable of all turns and changes in the trails in order to effectively lead the group. Hike Guides act as a back up to posted signs and/or trail guides along each trail to ensure that no hiker gets lost. Sweepers will be provided with walkie-talkies to communicate with other Guides and Sweepers. Hike Guides will guide between 7:00am-4:00pm, depending on which hike they are guiding.
2017 Histio Hike Shenandoah - Hike Sweepers Posted to sections of the trail the sweepers will monitor trail and hiker needs, guide hikers, provide logistics and other needs to hikers, "push" from the back on schedule to ensure finishing and arrival times, help ensure hike event is steward of the trail and park. Sweepers will be provided with walkie-talkies to communicate with other Sweepers and Guides. Approximate shift time is 7:00am-4:00pm.
2017 Histio Hike Shenandoah - Hiker Sign In Asst The Hiker Sign In Assistants will be responsible for making sure all hikers return and sign back in after they arrive. Hikers should return between 10:30 am and 4:00pm.

Please note: Assignment will conclude when last hiker is accounted for.
2017 Histio Hike Shenandoah - Hiker Sign Out Asst The Hiker Sign Out Assistants will be responsible for signing out hikers for all of the departure times. Hikers leave approximately every 30 minutes beginning at 7:00am and the last group departs at 10:30am.
2017 Histio Hike Shenandoah - Photographer Posted on the trail and / or at the events to take group and event photos. Coordinate photo uploads and presentation at the Closing Ceremony. Help with development of post event flyer and / or website site photos. We'll need a couple photographers - some on the hike and some at the events. You may also simply agree to provide a copy of your photos to the Hike organizers for inclusion in slideshows and other materials.
2017 Histio Hike Shenandoah - Registration Asst Registration Assistants will be responsible for staffing the registration table to register hikers and families as they arrive. Responsibilities include checking people in, verifying donations, handing out registration packet, going over the schedule and logistics, signing hikers up for their departure time and ensuring that hikers sign the waiver form. Registration assistants are needed on Friday from 2:00pm-5:30pm and Saturday from 7:00am-10:30am.
Circle of Friends Host Circle of Friends (COF) Hosts are responsible for supporting the Histiocytosis Association's mission by organizing and facilitating support/social gatherings for patients and their family members, as well as raising awareness about the histiocytic disorders in their community. Ideally, meetings will be held no less than three (3) times a year and will present the opportunity for Association members to come together in a relaxed setting and meet other families with similar interests.
Fundraiser Host Fundraiser Hosts plan and execute fundraising events with the help of our fundraising staff to raise money in support of the Histiocytosis Association and its mission.
List has 8 jobs on 1 page

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